Bitcoin Private Key Converter

Our handy open-source tool helps you compress and decompress bitcoin keys.

You can also use it to convert keys from WIF to HEX format

Input Key

Can be a public key (encoded in hex) or a private key (encoded in WIF or BIP38)

If the key is encrypted with BIP38, then this password will be used to decrypt the key. This password is also the password for the encryption of the BIP38 fields in the output.

The input key is not a bitcoin key.


Compressed Key

Uncompressed Key

About the tool (Private Key compressor)

BIP 38 converter was designed to provide double encryption as well as decryption of Bitcoin keys to access users' paper wallets. The tool quickly and easily allows you to forget about the fears of hacking and other actions leading to the loss of your cryptocurrency assets.

In simple terms, this is password protection of your password - already existing keys.

It turns out that the BIP38 converter generates a private key that blocks access to your key using its strong password.

Why do you need to compress an uncompressed wif key?

The presented program is a kind of safe that protects access to your wallet and stores the most intimate (your key phrase needed to open access to assets). All participants in the crypto world know that it is almost impossible to remember the combination of numbers and letters that make up the key. Therefore, they have to be written into various documents, to which an attacker can gain access. To prevent this from happening, BIP38 is used.

Such an additional barrier will allow you not to worry about hacks and other ways of stealing personal information, since it will be very difficult to pick up two of the most difficult passwords. And if you periodically generate a new key, then such a task will be beyond the strength of any thief. Get two-factor authentication now and stop worrying about the security of your BTC!

This page has everything you need to protect yourself as much as possible and at the same time, everything is provided completely free of charge.

Briefly about the principle of work

Thus, if you are using a Bitcoin private key that is already encrypted with BIP passphrase 38, you will need to decrypt the private key before you can use it.

If you use the presented encryption method, keep in mind that even if you try to open your Bitcoin wallet on your own, you need to use the same decryption software. That is, the program will be needed every time you log in to manage your crypto assets.

When scanning an already encrypted crypto wallet, you will need to enter the password that you came up with and entered when receiving this encryption. The private key will not give access to the currency without a passphrase.

Attention! Compressing an uncompressed wif key is also possible for other types of cryptocurrencies since BIP 38 has already been adapted not only for Bitcoin. Now you can protect any crypto wallets that are compatible with this script.

Next, we will provide simple instructions on how to use the BIP38 converter.

Step-by-step encryption process

This procedure does not take much time and will require only a couple of minutes of your time.

Before using, you should understand whether your paper Bitcoin wallet supports the presented software. If yes, then you can start converting simple keys to encrypted ones using the convenient BIP38 converter.

Then follow the simple instructions:

  • Copy the regular private key from the wallet and enter it in the field called Wallet Info.
  • Click on the button that activates encryption.
  • Think of a password, enter it in the appropriate field, and give the command to start encryption.
  • Remember that you can only decrypt your key after entering the password that you came up with.

    Simple decryption for using the wallet

    The presented software, of course, is equipped with a reverse function so that a person can always access his cryptocurrency. It turns out that BIP38 is a private key to a public key converter BTC.

    Decryption is as fast as encryption. Follow simple steps:

  • The program has a decryption function. Click on it.
  • You must enter the already encrypted key in the corresponding field.
  • Click on the Decrypt button, having previously entered the password that was invented during the initial encryption
  • The whole process takes a few seconds.
  • That's the whole procedure for gaining access to the encrypted key. Without the presence of the program and the password, it will not be possible to decrypt the key.

    Summing up

    This page provides a script that gives access to all the functionality of BIP 38. The main thing is to come up with a complex password for encryption/decryption so that it cannot be guessed. And repeat the procedure for a certain period. For example, once a week or a month. So you can ensure maximum reliability of your crypto assets and not worry about their safety in any wallet. You can safely carry out any operations and not worry that someone will peep or find out your personal information in another way, since the main secret - the password will be stored in the most secure place in the world, in your memory.

    Open source

    The code is fully open -

    This code is posted on the githab and is free to use.